WH&S Training

With 30 years of emergency training experience and thousands of satisfied customers and trainees in non-accredited Warden Training, Fire Industry Academy and Adair Training Solutions are introducing more qualified training for you.

From Chief Warden training and Emergency Management Team training down to Warden and general staff training we can provide it all to your Organisation. Our trainers will draw from their many years of experience in fire and emergency, Australian Defence Force (ADF) and Emergency Procedures Training to provide you with training outcomes to satisfy the most stringent WH&S audits.

How our WH&S Training units correspond with State guidelines

The WH&S training Units we provide also align with not only the QLD Fire Safety Advisor Course but also with the units required under the NSW Health Policy Directives: Courses include the Fire Safety Manager and Fire Safety Officer courses, healthcare staff and Warden courses.

Covering areas from initial Identification of likely Workplace health and safety hazards in Identify, Prevent and Report Workplace Emergencies to Responding to Small Workplace emergencies and Operating as part of an Emergency Control Organisation. Other courses available include: 

  • Demonstration of the Use of Fire Extinguishers,
  • Manage and monitor workplace emergencies, equipment and other resources
  • and Manage an Emergency Control Organisation.

Contact us if you have any questions about the applicability of our WH&S training to your circumstances.

Accredited Courses

NSW Fire Safety Managers Course

QLD Fire Safety Advisor Course

Chief Warden Training Course ​

Warden Training Course​

NSW Fire Safety Officer Course ​

NSW Health General Staff Training Course

Certificate III Work Health and Safety

(Coming Soon)

WHS White Card

(Coming Soon)​

Non Accredited Courses

Warden Training

Human Behaviours in Emergencies

Spills response Training

Bushfire Plan and Preparation

Home Fire Plan

Dealing with Workplace Fires​

Bomb Threat Awareness and Response​

Workplace Security and Personal Safety

Armed Active Offender

Individual Units

Confine small emergencies in a facility​

Fire Extinguisher Training Course​​

Operate as part of an emergency control organisation​

Lead an emergency control organisation