Certificate II in Fire Protection Inspection and Testing Trainee Technician Course

Webinar – The Importance of Baseline Data in Managing Business Risk

Why Should I attend?

Governments across Australia recognise the importance of ensuring fire protection systems are capable of performing to a required standard when needed.  They do this by generally requiring the owner and / or occupier of a building to periodically confirm performance is in accordance with the approved design.

Fire protection companies are at risk if they make performance determinations without referencing baseline data or install new systems without producing baseline data.

This webinar will discuss common issues such as:

  • Not having baseline data available and properly documented.
  • How to reduce your business risk and avoid possible litigation!
  • What to do when no baseline data is available
  • What happens when you get it wrong


The webinar will look at what business owners need to know about baseline data for fire protection from the perspective of:

  • The Builder
  • The Building Owner/Strata  – Facility Manager
  • The Fire Systems Designer
  • The Fire Protection Service Company
  • The Fire Safety Assessor
  • The Fire Service Technician
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