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Dedicated to enhancing skills and knowledge for the fire protection industry

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Fire Industry Academy is dedicated to enhancing the knowledge and skills of the fire protection industry and supporting businesses mitigate risk and increase competitiveness by investing in the competency of their workforce.

Our vision is to offer quality fire protection training at affordable prices, tailored to the needs of business and students. We are committed to providing our clients with the level of service they expect.

We offer training designed for trainees commencing in the fire protection industry, through to courses for experienced technicians seeking to develop new skills or have their existing skills recognised.

With more than 50 years of combined fire industry experience you can rely on our knowledge and expertise to support and guide your training.


We are excited to announce that the Fire Industry Academy exhibit at the Fire Australia Tradeshow and Conference at the Sydney International Convention Centre in May was an outstanding success.

Our highly skilled team helped many navigate their way through the qualifications required for FPAS in NSW as well as discussing any other training requirements.

It was a great opportunity to chat to one of our experts about our range of courses, including the Diploma of Fire Systems Design, Certificate 2 and 3 in Fire Protection Inspection and Testing and our suite of short courses.

If you’re like most people and find the FPAS system confusing, let us make the process simple and allow you to focus on running your business.

Go to our Fire Australia Tradeshow page for more information and to see some photos from the Exhibit.

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Advance your career with a qualification in fire protection

We offer qualification courses for trainees as well as experienced technicians

Learn new skills by undertaking a short course

Our range of short courses allow you to tailor fire protection training to suit your particular needs.

Stay up to date with the fire protection industry

Looking for professional development opportunities to learn about the
fire industry

Why Choose FIA as your training provider?

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Fire Protection Training - Fire Industry Academy
Fire Protection Training - Fire Industry Academy


Featured Fire Protection Courses

Fire Protection Training - Fire Extinguisher course

This course is the entry point for trainees commencing a career in the fire protection industry as routine service technicians.

FPAS Inspect and Test Common Units Course

FPAS Inspect and Test Common Units Course

This course covers the units common to all categories of accreditation within the Inspect and Test Class of FPA Australia’s Fire Protection Accreditation Scheme (FPAS).

FPAS Inspect and Test Common Units Course

This course allows routine service technicians to tailor training to align with their work requirements.


Routine Service Training

Fire Safety Assessment Training

Fire Systems Design Training

Business Leadership and Management

Professional development and events

Bushfire Training

Licensing and FPAS Accreditation Support

Understanding the qualifications or units of competency required to comply with FPAS or licensing requirements can be confusing and time consuming.

We have the expertise to identify training plans that takes into consideration experience, prior learning and the type of accreditation or licensing required.

Let us take away the pain of understanding training jargon and let you focus on running your business.

The Fire Protection Association of Australia (FPAA) set up the FPAS (Fire Protection Accreditation Scheme) for the benefit and sustainability of the industry. The FPAS‘s intent to ensure that all appropriately qualified practitioners have accreditation. It has gained recognition from State Governments such as NSW.

Fire Protection Advice - Fire Industry Academy

New Fire Training Courses announced

We are continuously striving to develop training courses and educational opportunities to meet the needs of the fire protection industry.

Fundamental Servicing of Fire Detection and Alarm Systems

FPAS Fire Systems Design Courses

Fundamental Servicing of Fire Detection and Alarm Systems

FPAS Fire Safety Assessment Courses

Fundamental Servicing of Fire Detection and Alarm Systems

Passive Fire and Smoke Protection Courses