Certificate II in Fire Protection Inspection and Testing Trainee Technician Course

Course code : CPP20521

Certificate II in
Fire Protection Inspection and Testing

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Certificate III in Fire Protection Inspection and Testing


certificate II in fire protection inspection and testing

build your own course

This course allows participants to tailor training to align with their job role, skills needed or to meet a particular licensing or accreditation outcome. The course is delivered in the workplace with support from industry experts

Who’s it for?

This course is for routine service technicians employed in the fire protection industry who are looking to top up and validate existing skills and knowledge or learn new skills to gain a promotion and enhance career opportunities.

Are there any special requirements needed to take this course?

  • Participants must be employed in the fire industry or be capable of conducting routine service of specific fire protection equipment under supervision in the workplace. 


  • Participants require access to a personal computer or tablet and have basic computer skills to enable use of the on-line learning system.​
Certificate III in Fire Protection Inspection and Testing fire panel


What does the course cover?

The course provides participants with the foundation skills and knowledge to perform routine service work in the fire protection industry and covers:

  • Understanding key Australian standards, regulations and codes related to routine servicing of fire protection systems and equipment
  • Maintaining workplace health and safety
  • Ability to organise work schedules and complete tasks safely and efficiently in line with industry standards
  • Providing effective customer service
  • Ability to discuss servicing needs with clients for a range of fire protection systems and equipment
  • Introduction to the classification of fires and extinguishing techniques
  • The use of tools and equipment to install and service fire protection equipment and the maintenance of service vehicles


CPCPM2043 - Carry out WHS requirements

CPPFES2003 - Safely move loads and dangerous goods

CPPFES2010 - Inspect and test fire hose reels

CPPFES2011 - Install portable fire extinguishers, fire cabinets and fire blankets

CPPFES2020 - Conduct routine inspection and testing of fire extinguishers and fire blankets

CPPFES2021 - Inspect, test and maintain fire extinguishers

CPPFES2025 - Inspect, test and maintain gaseous fire-suppression systems

CPPFES2026 - Inspect and test emergency and exit lighting systems

CPPFES2029 - Conduct functional tests on fire detection, warning and intercommunication devices

CPPFES2035 - Identify, inspect and test fire and smoke doors

CPPFES2037 - Inspect and test fire hydrant systems

CPPFES2039 - Identify, inspect and test passive fire and smoke containment products and systems

CPPFES2043 - Apply regulations to prevent ozone depleting substance and synthetic greenhouse gas emissions

CPPFES2047 - Inspect and test control and indicating equipment

CPPFES3024* - Inspect and maintain portable foam-generating equipment

CPCPFS3041 - Inspect and test fire pumpsets

CPCPFS3042** - Conduct annual routine service of complex water-based fire-suppression systems

CPCPFS3043** - Conduct functional water flow testing

BSBOPS304* - Deliver and monitor a service to customers

BSBLDR301* - Support effective workplace relationships

BSBPEF301* - Organise personal work priorities

BSBWRT311* - Write simple documents

Units with an * or a ** after their code have selection restrictions.

  • Only two units with * or a ** can be selected
  • Units that have ** after their code require you to also select unit CPCPM2043 as a prerequisite unit
What are the benefits of taking this course?
  • Provides the foundation skills and knowledge required to succeed in the fire protection industry
  • Attain skills to complete routine servicing of fir protection systems and equipment, excluding systems with complex servicing requirements
  • Kick start your journey to becoming a highly skilled and valued employee
  • Completion of the course may satisfy licensing and accreditation requirements across Australia and provide a foundation for future learning
How long does the course take to complete?
  • The course is self-paced and typically takes 6-12 months to complete
  • Participants are required to complete the course within 18 months of enrolling
  • Participants undertaking an RPL pathway may complete the course sooner
How is the course delivered?

The course is delivered in the workplace via a distance-based delivery model and supported by an online learning system.

How does the course link to Licensing or Accreditation requirements?
  • This course will meet licensing and accreditation requirements that have a Certificate II in Fire Protection Inspection and Testing as one of the application requirements
  • Participants may be required to complete additional courses to meet the specific needs of a particular licence or accreditation
  • Each state and territory government determines the licence or accreditation requirements for fire protection work in their jurisdiction. Further information on these requirements can be found here.
  • Need help? Let us demystify licensing and accreditation requirements and identify the training you require. Complete our course selection form here
Additional Training Opportunities

On completion of this course, participants may choose to enrol in other courses that cover servicing of other fire protection systems and equipment or select from any of our professional development courses.

I'm already experienced, is this course for me?
  • Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is designed for individuals who have required skills and knowledge working in the fire industry or via other learning, who are not required to undertake formal training
  • RPL for this course is currently offered via an Assessment Only methodology with participants required to complete assessments without necessarily workign through the learning materials. Future RPL pathways are in development
  • Eligibility for the RPL pathway is determined on a case by case basis, centered around an individual's experience and availability of evidence to demonstrate competency
  • More details on the RPL pathway process is available here


Training Pathway $3,250

  • $1,000 – Required at enrolment
  • Balance payable in instalments of $500 per month

RPL Pathway (Assessment Only) $3,250

  • $1,000 – Required at enrolment
  • Balance payable in instalments of $500 per month

Group Discount for Business

  • Enrol three or more participants to be eligible for a group discount
  • Call to discuss your business needs

course outcomes

On successful completion of this course, participants will be awarded CPP20521 Certificate II in Fire Protection Inspection and Testing. The Course includes the following units of competency:

Unit Code:
Deliver a service to customers
Plan and apply time management
Participate in workplace safety arrangements
Identify types of installed fire safety equipment and systems
Demonstrate first attack firefighting equipment
Prepare for installation and service operations
Maintain quality of work and promote continuous improvement